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Importance of Group Lessons

Importance of Group Lessons

A typical group lesson in English language schools seems a bit more stressful than a one-on-one lesson if you are rather shy and overwhelmed by the loud voice of an active classmate; you may be able to say something in a small voice that can’t be heard as if it were a minority opinion in a democracy.

That is why I think a one-on-one lesson is more efficient and less stressful way of learning. Well, a one-on-one lesson is not stress-free, it may require more concentration but you will feel less tense than speaking the foreign language in a group setting.


Learners will be motivated by interactions with other learners.


We think it's important to have a rival to improve your skills including language skills of course.


Sometimes it's necessary to meet English learners with higher level than your because it inspires you to try to reach them.


More often an actual conversation takes place in a group setting; soon or later learners need to get used to it./p>


You will have more opportunities to communicate with non-native speakers than native speakers, plus it would be more difficult to listen and understand non-native speakers.

In particular to find a "good rival" of No. 2 it is very important. Then you long lasting those who Haria~tsu locate the rival than learning alone, the effect is increased.

Also, to travel the various countries, it is to acutely aware intermixed with them, talk with each other, but non-native each other through the story's native thing that is high much difficulty than that. I think also that it contributes to the fact that a high degree of difficulty in skill practice to more listening than speaking.

Ah, but unfortunately group lessons of participants is very small. It is a plan to change the change the hand goods in the future in order to leverage this. And to speak English is their second language and strangers to the Ru divided feeling that very embarrassing, it can be seen feeling that not have so much confidence in their English proficiency.

It will take forever. Remember, you don’t have to talk like native speakers. Just try to communicate using everything you know and then your English will be good enough to survive anywhere in the world!