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Professor Osamu TAKEUCH

Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Kansai University

Now, the English force can be determined

There is no need to speak like a native. Everyone has their personal reason why they want to learn English. However, I think most people do it to expand their communication ability with the world so that they can convey their message to a wider public and/or understand that of many others. The focus should therefore be on communication.

There is no need to be perfectly correct in pronunciation or grammar-usage. Pronunciation can vary with region. You can take your time to refine your “accent”. As for grammar, the primary focus should be on getting the meaning across in simple terms. There is no need to get fancy. It is more important to be able to enjoyably chat with someone than to get dogged down with tasks to master each detail of the language.

To learn the English

Out there in the market you have products that claim you can learn English during your sleep, or in a week’s time but unfortunately there is no such miracle solution to learning language. The easiest way is to persevere and accumulate small but steady efforts. How should you approach this?

One key element is to find a quality instructor to accurately guide you through your problems. You should set-up a realistic and fruitful plan according to your instructor’s advice. Set goals each week so that they are achievable.

There are times when the learning progression stagnates. Review the track record of your learning and tell yourself that effort will never betray you. The results may not appear immediately but it will come. You need to be patient. Language learning can be a long journey where you can only advance in small steps.

Just like in Sports, competition or challenges may be a good stimulus. It is also important to make practice a habit to really continue.

Significance to learn in Ones word online

One’s Word Online is an ideal English education’s service because it offers teachers with both the training and experience in teaching English as a second language, portfolio functions whereby you can keep track of your learning and plan accordingly, and group lessons whereby you can stimulate each other into bettering your communication skills.

This site will provide you with excellent instructions and convenient learning opportunities that will enable you to gain the communication skill to be successful anywhere you go. Just keep persevering!

Associate Professor Atsushi IINO

Department of Economics, Hosei University

In international contributions to your study

One's Word Online's “Education for Two” is a visionary undertaking in the world of English language education. Each student can help sponsor the education of an underprivileged student in a developing country. It follows the concept of social business where individual profit is promoted with a social consciousness.

A lot of people who took on English as their Second language beyond compulsory education have done so for their individual success. I think often times people lose track of the world when the perspective is restrained to the everyday needs. The world is connected and our problems are also connected. “Education for Two” reminds us of the importance to balance local concern with global issues. Somewhere I feel greater charm in using English as a way to connect people’s effort toward global solutions as opposed to limiting it to the fate of a single individual which may well end up counter-productive as our fates are interlinked. I hope from this project and in speaking with people of widely different environment you will be able to expand your perspective on what you can do with language and with your life.