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The Japanese investment.

It is clear that learning a new language is an investment of both time and money and in One's Word Online so we provide you with competitive rates and the convenience of taking classes from your home or office, do not worry if you are not familiar with taking classes online, our highly qualified teachers make your experience enjoyable and comfortable, all you need is a computer or tablet with internet access which is a huge time saver not to mention you will receive personalized attention. Therefore, you are most likely to learn faster the Japanese language with us.

The Japanese in the workplace

As we mentioned learning a new language is essential if you are looking for a better job, the importance of learning Japanese living in the rapid expansion that has taken Japan in recent years.

Japan plans to continue investing and expanding in Latin America. During his previous visit Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mentioned that he is keen to improve trade relations, in the same visit, Japanese banks provided $ 700 million in loans to different projects in Brazil.

In 2012, Japan invested in Mexico more than any countries in the world, in only the first half of the year the figure reached 2.416 million dollars while the United States only invested 1.438 million dollars, and the number of Japanese companies chose to settle in this country increased remarkably in the last three years, which went from 300 to almost 1000.

The Japanese as a culture

This is a question that every learner cannot avoid asking.

Japan is one of the best known for its culture and traditions, both traditional art and pop culture are still very popular around the world, every year thousands of festivals are held in various parts of the world dedicated to promote and appreciate the culture of Japan from the J-Pop, Anime and Manga to Sumi-e, origami and Shodo.

When you learn Japanese, you will interact more easily with their culture and at the same time it will make you grow as a person faster than ever.

Is it hard to speak Japanese?

Like all languages it ​​involves some degree of difficulty, but with perseverance and a little effort really slowly but surely you will master it. It’s actually easier to learn than Chinese, because the phonics are very similar to most western languages.

What profile should have a Japanese student?

Anyone from students, employees or housewives can start learning Japanese, you just need to be interested in it and have the desire to excel.

Finally, learning Japanese is the best choice if you are interested in learning another language, and at the same time, you’ll have the advantage of the beautiful surrounding culture. Join One's Word Online to learn and have fun with us, we are your best choice!

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This is the perfect book for learning conversational Japanese. As we all know, Japanese can be a tricky language because if you miss just one word, the meaning will be complete be different. Therefore, you have to learn the subtle difference of its language. Genki can teach you the essence of the Japanese language and at the same time, you'll learn the beautiful Japanese culture.