Quality Online English Lessons At An Affordable Price


We are truly grateful that you have taken interest in our Services. Thanks to the development of the Internet,
Quality Online English Lessons can be offered at an affordable price. That is precisely what we offer here at
One's Word Online.

However, mastering a new language will always depend on the learner's motivation. To fuel this, you need a
sense of purpose. Please keep that in mind so that we can fit and adjust your learning to your goal.

We promise you we will strive to keep improving and expanding our Services to better serve you!

Keys to Fast Improvements in English

Quality teachers at a reasonable price.

// How we choose our teachers

Teachers at One's Word Online are both capable and affordable. They are all qualified elite teachers certified by TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) or other authoritative organizations.

Great teachers aren't enough. In order to continue taking great lessons, they need to be affordable. At a monthly rate of 98 USD for up to five 50 min one-on-one lessons, it's definitely a deal not to miss..

This is possible thanks to the abundance of well-trained English professionals from around the globe, the convenience of the internet for both parties, and the dynamics of the global market. Take advantage of our quality at a reasonable price!

Motivating by rewarding.

// 1 bonus lesson for 4 lessons accomplished.

Success is often determined by the strength of one's burning motivation. And often times this flame needs to be fed with rewards for our efforts. In language learning, continuing is a praiseworthy achievement. As long as you persevere, we'll work on how to take you to the desired level.

As a short-term motivator and a celebration gift, if you reserve 4 lessons a month AND take them all without rescheduling, we'll offer you 1 bonus lesson the subsequent month. All you need to do is what you paid for, namely learn English with a quality teacher!

Keeping a Portfolio of your progress.

// Setting weekly goals.

The "Portfolio" section is where we keep the record of your progress. It is also the data upon which you can set future objectives in consultation with your teacher. We encourage you to make short-term goals to assess your development and to visualize the progress you've made.

There's no miracle to language learning.

You need to accumulate and continue these small efforts and this system will help you do that.

Knowing where you are.

// Using CEFR.

Before you get on going wherever you wish to go, know where you begin. The "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment" (CEFR) is a quick and reliable framework to evaluate just that.

It's more accessible than TOEIC or TOEFL and focused on practical, communicative skills while promoting autonomous studying. We want you to take control of your learning. The teacher will help you in that journey but you need to travel the distance yourself. And this tool will accurately tell you where you stand now. We'll begin from there.

50 min one-on-one lessons.

//Why it’s more effective than 25 min courses.

Some online language services offer lessons as short as 25 min long but we don't. Why? Because we want each lesson to count.

Assessing the progress you made since the last lesson, discussing points to improve, confirming the next step, executing it, and to setting the goal up to the following lesson takes quite a time. We want the lesson to be more than a chit-chat but not a daunting task. We think the balance stands at around 50 min.

It's plenty enough time to familiarize yourself with your teacher and to build and to adjust your learning program with him or her. The teacher is expected to teach but the student is expected to study. The meeting ground of those two efforts is the 50 min we provide you with. We also encourage you to propose words or texts you want to study with or topics you want to use for discussions. Let's make it count!

Social Contribution!

// Remind yourself of the fortune of being able to study.

Many, if not all of us are fortunate enough to have enough to live comfortably and pursue our respective careers. And often times we take a lot of things for granted. Only when we lose them or see others without the same fortune do we truly see the full value of our opportunities.

(Donation is not a forced, to, you can choose not to. If choose to donate,2、5、7USD You can choose from three choices that, it is also possible to enter any other amount of money to any)

Under the slogan "Education for Two," One's Word Online will donate a portion of our profits alongside whatever our users decide to donate to empower through education. We hope this will be a good reminder of the blessing of being able to study and pursue our dreams.

Great deal!

// FREE Group Lessons!

In our company, we have offered the group lessons in almost every day free (members like only). The biggest problem for the Japanese learners, is that "their practice of place to try the English" is insufficient. We also have a friendly competition with friends with a common goal of "learning English", please polish the English skills.

At One's Word Online, members are offered a chance to participate in free Group Lessons held almost every day. Often students lack the opportunity to practice their English in a group setting to work on their practical conversational skills. These lessons are a wonderful chance to test your practical skills and to get to know other students to form a "community" of English learners with whom you can cooperate to further improve yourself.

With 5 one-on-one lessons and free quasi-daily group lessons, One's Word Online is one of the best deals you'll find! If you still feel reticent about learning alongside others, check out the full list of its advantages here.