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It is a self-diagnostic test that has been made along the CEFR (Sefaru), which is a criteria that have been internationally trust.

When you press the level diagnostic test, because the question that is in accordance with the level comes out, YES, please answer NO. It does not matter when you start from a level above those who are confident in English.

1 Minute Self-Assessment Test (Based on the CEFR) Pre-Intermediate (A2)

  • 1. Can you understand phrases and high frequency vocabulary related to basic topics of your daily life (ex: basic information or news about you or your family, recent shopping, local area, your employment)?

  • 2. Can you handle short and simple conversations about familiar, daily topics?

  • 3. Can you describe in simple terms about your day at school or at work, convey your choice of or your question about a product you wish to purchase, and explain your malaise to a medical personnel?