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About a Lesson

Q. What do I have to prepare to take a lesson?

Please prepare a computer with an internet connection, a headset, and a web camera (if you want to see your teacher’s face). You also need to install Skype on your computer. We strongly recommend that you test the voice chat on Skype before your first lesson.

Q. What is 'Trial Lesson'?

Before becoming our member, to experience our quality lesson, you can take 2 lessons for only 10 USD as Trial Lessons (50 min x 2 lessons = 100 min for 5 USD). You can read about our fee

*Now we offer a free trial lesson (you can only take one free trial lesson). You can apply for it here.

In addition, we have held almost daily group lessons events for free. If you are interested to Please click here.

Q. Do I need to pay extra for the internet connection to take a lesson??

No, you only need to pay your internet provider as your usual internet plans. Our lesson is via Skype, so there is no extra charge for the connection to take a lesson.
You can also download and use Skype for free.

Q. What is the time frame for the lessons?

Lessons are open 24 hours a day.

Q. Can I reschedule a lesson just before the lesson, on the lesson day?

You can reschedule your lesson until 1 hour before the lesson’s starting time. If you cancel or reschedule beyond that point, you will be charged for a full lesson. If you don’t inform us of your cancellation, your teacher will wait only up to 30 min from the scheduled starting time.

Q. What if I’m late for a lesson or I forget to cancel a lesson?

Our teacher will wait for you for 30 min. If you don’t appear on Skype within the 30 min, the lesson will be over 30 min after the lesson’s starting time and you will be charged for a full lesson. In other word, if you don’t take the lesson without informing us of your cancellation, you are still charged for a full lesson.

Q.What if a lesson is cancelled because something happens on a teacher’s side, for example, sudden illness, natural disaster, or the teacher’s internet connection problem?

If the lesson is cancelled due to the teacher’s sudden illness, or his/her personal urgency, we will contact you to provide a substitute teacher. If it is cancelled because of the teacher’s internet connection, we will provide you with a ticket to schedule a substitute lesson. Please note that for the cancellation due to natural disaster in her/his country, we will not offer you a rescheduling ticket, nor provide a substitute teacher.

Q.Can I still take a lesson at my work place or when I travel abroad?

As long as Skype works on your computer, you can take our lesson anywhere.

Q. Where can I ask a question about your service?

Contact us by e-mail to [email protected]after changing *mark to @ in the e-mail address. Please note that we can’t answer your questions about your internet connection and Skype.

Q. I'd like to take lessons on the same day each week, but I can't reserve that day for the final week of the month. Why?

This is because all the lessons reserved via the “Lumped Multiple Reservations” (subject to the Bonus Lesson Ticket offer) must be made within the month after your last payment date. To be eligible to win the Bonus Lesson Ticket, you must take the 4 requisite lessons to fit that month. If you don’t have at least 4 lessons reserved within that month, you can reserve a lesson using a Rescheduling Ticket.
(However, if you use a Rescheduling Ticket, you will no longer be eligible for the Bonus Lesson Ticket.)

Q. About your Bonus Lesson, I will be eligible to win the ticket if I reserve 4 lessons within 7 days after my membership registration and take all of them without rescheduling? Will I become ineligible to win it after I reschedule my lesson only once?

Yes, you will become ineligible to win the Bonus Lesson once you reschedule your lesson.

Q. If I become a member, I will have 4 tickets for 4 lessons each month and a ticket’s period of validity is 60 days. The 4 tickets will be added automatically every month?
If I don’t use all 4 tickets in the previous month, can I take a lesson with the unused ticket within the period of validity (60 days)?

Yes, each month, 4 lesson tickets will be issued and they should be used within 60 days. After the 60 days, unused tickets will become invalid and be deleted automatically.

Q. How long will it take to reserve a lesson after my membership registration is completed? On the same day or it will take a few days?

It is possible to reserve a lesson on the day when you finish your registration as long as the payment is completed through PayPal.

Q. Do you have a kind of level check or any tool to check my achievements after several lessons?

If you become a member, you will have ‘My Portfolio’ page with ‘Your English Self-Assessment Grid’ where you can check your level. This self-assessment grid is quite accurate since it is based on the CEFR.
(Your teacher can see your self-assessment grid, so it is possible to decide your level in consultation with your teacher.)
About CEFR

About Payment

Q. How can I pay lesson fees?

We only accept payment through Paypal

Q. Please explain about your fee.

Registration is free but you have to pay a monthly fee of 98 USD (tax included) that allows you to reserve 4 lessons. If you reserve 4 lessons a month and take them all without rescheduling, cancelling, and missing a lesson, we’ll offer you a Bonus Lesson Ticket that you can use the subsequent month. In other word, you can reserve 5 lessons in the following month. An Additional Reservation Ticket is also available and you can buy it for 5 tickets 90 USD, 10 tickets 150 USD, and 20 tickets 0 USD. The monthly fees will be automatically paid through PayPal every month on the same date as you completed your membership registration unless membership withdrawal is requested.

Q. Other than the monthly fee, are there any additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs. But if you want to use a textbook or the materials we recommend, you may have to pay for it.

Q. As to the monthly fee, if my membership registration and the first payment are completed at the same time, the same date of the registration will be my payment/settlement day every month? After my registration, the monthly withdrawal starts automatically? I don’t have to do anything for the PayPal automatic withdrawal?

The same date of the registration will be your payment/settlement day every month.
On the day, your monthly fee will be withdrawn automatically through PayPal.
(If the initial payment was made on a 29th, 30th, or 31st, and if this date does not exist in a subsequent month, the payment will be made on the final day of that month.)

About PayPal

Q.When I try to finish my membership registration and try to pay via PayPal, I can’t complete it because of the error ‘this payment exceeds your sending limit.’

A. This happens because PayPal decides your sending limit. Please try to register other credit card to PayPal.

Another way to solve this error is to enroll in its Expanded Use Program written on this page to lift the limit, however it may take a while.

Q. to live abroad you re, but by this member registration after trial lessons students to make the settlement "Sorry, you complete the actions that you have done in the last it was not possible " out an error that, it is not possible to complete the settlement.

If you try to pay in abroad from the registered account in Japan, the above error will appear. If it is possible to access from Japan, but you can payment is completed, if it is difficult we recommend payment by means of different such as bank transfer.

Q. After finishing PayPal payment and my membership registration, I can’t go to the page for lumped multiple reservations because of an error ‘please complete the payment through PayPal’.

We couldn’t confirm your payment probably because the e-mail address you registered for One’s Word Online is NOT the same as the one you have registered for your PayPal account. Please send us a message through ‘Contact’ with your e-mail address for your PayPal.

If you try to register a credit card to PayPal, to get the following error message, can not be registered is complete.
tried a plurality of credit card, but it could not be resolved.
We were unable to verify your credit or debit card. To proceed with your purchase, please select a different payment method or add a different credit or debit card, then click Continue.

Please check the following.

1. Do not use a credit card that is about to be registered in another PayPal account?
2. credit card or there is not doubt in the authentication code of four digits that are listed in the back?
3. If you have a master card of the authentication code 1034, please register there for the card.

If you still can not solve the problem, please contact us, we are very sorry to trouble but once PayPal customer support center.
(03) -5767-5552 Opening hours: Monday to Friday morning 9:00 - 6:00 pm

About Other Problems

Q. I can’t talk with a teacher because of the sound problem. And what shall I do if the internet connection cuts off during a lesson?

Make sure that your headset is connected to your computer correctly. If it is well connected, the headset may have a problem; try a different headset.

If your lesson is unfinished due to the problems with the Skype on a teacher’s side, you will not be charged for a full lesson. On the other hand, if the problem is due to your computer or internet connection, you will be charged for a full lesson.

About Membership Suspension and Withdrawal from Membership

Q. What should I do if I wish to suspend my membership?

You can request the suspension by sending the form below. Please complete the request two days before your payment/settlement day. During the suspension period, you can still log in your membership page. If you still have your unused lesson ticket(s), within their respective period of validity, you can make a reservation. To reactivate the membership, log in and request the reactivation.

What should I do to withdraw from the membership?

You can request the withdrawal by sending the form below. Please log in and complete the request two days before your payment/settlement day. If you possess lesson tickets that expire beyond the date of withdrawal, you can still log in our website as a member and use them. However, this is only possible up to maximum 60 days from your withdrawal. Please use up your tickets prior to that limit. All tickets are non-refundable and non-returnable.

About Other Contents

Q. What is ‘Twitter’?

Twitter is a free social networking service to loosely connecting people by ‘Tweeting’. We will announce our upcoming events and useful info for your learning experience through our Twitter. Please follow and check our Twitter.

Q. What is ‘Group Lesson’?

This is a free group lesson event only for our members with maximum 5 students for a teacher. We will announce the events on our website. Through the group lessons, you can find out what other learners talk about or how they answer to a question. It is also a good practice to make a presentation in English. This would be a whole new experience that you can’t do during standard one-on-one lessons. Please click here if you would like participants.