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Age:28 years old


Suggested Lessons/Available Lessons:

  • Our Standard Lessons*
  • Textbook-based Lessons
  • Lessons using Online Articles
  • Business English
  • FCE
  • Matias Method
  • Kids English Lesson

Sample Textbooks
Our Standard Textbooks::

  • face2face_Elementary
  • face2face_PreIntermediate
  • face2face_Intermediate
  • face2face_UpperIntermediate
  • face2face_Advanced

*Using a textbook is optional.


I love watching TV. I don’t think I can go on a day without turning my TV on even for just a while. I enjoy watching American shows such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘(the) Mentalist’, ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Dr. House’. I also love watching Japanese Animes and my favorite ones are ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Fushigi Yugi’, ‘Ghost Fighter’, ‘Dragon Ball Z’, and ‘Detective Conan’.
My name is Jenny and I can’t wait to hear your story. Please join me in class only here at One’s Word.

University Major: Business Management
Work Experience:
Worked at HSBC
3 years as an online English teacher 

Comment from One’s Word Online:

Jenny is a cheery and upbeat teacher. Her lessons are carefully planned and are often creative making them very accessible and stimulating even for beginners. She’s been with us since November 2010.

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