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Age:29 years old


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Hello everyone!

My name is Eric and I am a TEFL Certified English teacher with over 8 years of experience. I'm originally from the US but I've lived in various countries in South America such as: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. I am currently residing in Buenos Aires and teaching online full time.

I enjoy travelling, learning about new cultures, eating out at restaurants, spending time with friends, hiking, being out in nature, going to art galleries, watching animated series, writing, and photography.

I love speaking about a wide variety of topics and I love meeting new people too!

I look forward to seeing all of you in my class! 

Comment from One’s Word Online:

Eric is from California, USA and he currently lives in Buenos Aires working as an English-Spanish translator. He has vast knowledge of the English language from American slang to business English since he has a 3 years experience teaching English and he has the TESOL certificate.
For those who want to learn American English and its culture, he is the one we recommend. And if you’re interested in Latin American culture, it would be fun to take his lesson.

He is also a well-established Spanish teachers and so please take his Spanish classes too.
He's been with us since June 2013.

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