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Age:30 years old


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Hi there ☺! I'm David and I'm from Venezuela. I'm an English teacher, Petroleum Engineer, musician and an amateur basketball player. I'm also a loving father and a full-time husband. My family is the reason why I exist, they drive me and keep me motivated and focused to push myself forward so as to accomplish my goals and purposes in life. They're my little piece of heaven ;).

I have been teaching English as a second language for 5+ years and I am absolutely passionate about it, mainly because it allows me to meet and interact with a huge number of people with different interests, experiences and perspectives about life which I take value from and make me grow not only as a professional, but also as a human being. I also love teaching because it makes me feel alive, especially by getting me surrounded by energetic and inspiring people to whom I am devoted to provide great lessons and valuable content. Rarely can one experience a more rewarding and valuable feeling than contributing to someone's life in any way.

I strive for a lighthearted atmosphere where students can have fun, feel perfectly comfortable and where all sorts of mistakes are allowed. I encourage my students not to feel self-conscious when speaking and regard mistakes as means that will take their English to the next level.

As English teachers, we are conditioned from the very beginning of our careers to master the language and be highly proficient at it, —sure, that's our bread and butter— but we tend to forget how important it is to actually listen to our students and build rapport with them by hearing them out and appreciating their time and effort
to communicate in an altogether different language. I listen intently to my students and provide timely and accurate feedback that will help them improve their performances and boost their confidence.

So that is my philosophy of teaching and the way I approach my lessons. I look forward to having you in my classes. Have a great day! ☺  

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