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Age:42 years old


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Hello! My name is Peter O'Donnell. I have been teaching English since 2008, spending my first seven years teaching international students from China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand and others in a school in Melbourne, Australia, the "World's Most Liveable City". I now reside and teach in beautiful Veracruz, Mexico.

Language may be easy to learn theoretically, but it can be difficult to master in practice. This is because when we learn language in school, we learn how it is structured logically rather than how it is structured in our minds. When we speak in our native language, however, we rarely consider its structure. Instead, we recreate patterns that we have heard countless times. However, in the classroom we never have the opportunity to practise so rigorously as we do in our native tongue. That is where conversation practice is important.

The best way to gain fluency in a language is through conversation and discussion, and what better way than to speak about the things that interest us! I invite you to take a lesson with me and discuss the topics that interest you most. My own interests include the sciences, engineering and computing, graphic design, politics, morals and ethics, psychology, education, and health and fitness to name a few, so we are sure to find a lot to talk about.

I look forward to meeting and hearing about you! 

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