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Age:32 years old


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Hi! I'm Sue. I've been teaching English online for nine years now. I love talking to different nationalities as it broadens my knowledge about their culture and that's the reason why I love teaching. There's no better feeling when you understand one's culture.

I read, write and take pictures during my free time. I also love cooking; I like to try cooking different kinds of recipes. I'm a night owl so before I sleep, I watch YouTube cooking videos.

When I started teaching online, I realize how alien I am to my own country since most of my students visited tourist places in the Philippines. I felt bad about it when they tell stories and I have nothing to say. Hence, I promised myself to visit different places in my country once or twice a year.

I can say I am open-minded so you can open up any topics you want.

So let's have fun learning! 

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