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Age:31 years old



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  • Our Standard Lessons*
  • Textbook-based Lessons
  • Lessons using Online Articles
  • Business English
  • Kids English Lesson

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  • face2face_Elementary
  • face2face_PreIntermediate
  • face2face_Intermediate
  • face2face_UpperIntermediate
  • face2face_Advanced

*Using a textbook is optional.


Hi! Welcome to One’s Word! My name is Karen from the Philippines!

As an experienced teacher for almost 12 years now, I can promise my students productive classes while having fun. I have taught students of various ages, diverse nationalities and from different levels. Generally, I can teach lessons from Basic English to Advanced or Business English.

As a philosophy, I believe that teaching is touching lives. It is not a mere profession, but a vocation. I realize that educating pupils, both children and adults, require enthusiasm, patience, and most important of all, passion. Indeed, teaching is not an easy task, yet its reward is definitely worth aiming for. Nothing is sweeter than to know that you have been part of your student’s journey towards success.

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