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It is a self-diagnostic test that has been made along the CEFR (Sefaru), which is a criteria that have been internationally trust.

When you press the level diagnostic test, because the question that is in accordance with the level comes out, YES, please answer NO. It does not matter when you start from a level above those who are confident in English.

1 Minute Self-Assessment Test (Based on the CEFR) Advanced (C1)

C1 is the minimum required level to obtain a visa for the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) in the UK or to enter many universities in Europe.

  • Can you understand extended speech on a wide range of subjects even when it is not clearly structured (with a lot of information)?

  • Can you also recognise implicit meaning in the speech?

  • Can you express yourself fluently even when initiating an ad-lib discourse or when having to spontaneously develop a counter-argument?

  • In stating your thoughts as in the aforementioned case 3, do you sometimes struggle for words but not as often as giving listeners the impression of difficulty?

  • Can you appropriately adapt your language to the nature of the gathering, whether it be casual, academic, or business?

  • Can you express clear, well-structured, detailed phrases on complex subjects?

  • Can you properly make full use of transition words such as “in addition”, “by the way”, so forth, or words like “first”, “second”, “lastly”, etc to compose your discourse in an organized and consistent manner (ex: chronologically, causally, or as a clear argument)?