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It is a self-diagnostic test that has been made along the CEFR (Sefaru), which is a criteria that have been internationally trust.

When you press the level diagnostic test, because the question that is in accordance with the level comes out, YES, please answer NO. It does not matter when you start from a level above those who are confident in English.

1 Minute Self-Assessment Test (Based on the CEFR) Intermediate (B1)

B1 may seem quite high but, for example, looking at the Junior European Language Portfolio it is a level considered attainable by elementary students in the UK studying a foreign language. You can attain it by putting the necessary effort!

  • Can you understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters related to your work, school, or leisure?

  • Can you deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling (such as buying a ticket, ordering food in a restaurant, or telling a hotel receptionist about a broken item) in an area where the language you are learning is spoken?

  • Can you describe your experiences, your dreams, hopes, and ambitions?

  • Can you tell your thoughts about your experiences or briefly give reasons for your dreams and ambitions?